How to improve Quad 303 Part 1

                1 : cappacititors from power supply (2200Mf) with 10 000Mkf/100V
                2 : diodes from power supply with some fast bridge rectifier 25A/200V (my b.r.-semikron fast rectifier 1200V/150A)
                3 : wiring from AC outlet to power transformer (3-6mmCu) and remove switch for AC operational mode .
                4 : build new AC cable with 3-6mm Cu wire.
                5 : all ground wires keep together and fix to input ground on chasis.
                6 : audio input DIN jack with XLR (Canon or Neutrik ,gold plated)
                7 : output terminals with gold plated terminals for 4mm-8mm wire
Now proove all work with some VA instrum. and you are ready for first test.
     To be continued...